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Affiliate Road Map – 4 Step-By-Step Tips

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

To succeed with internet marketing you need a growing network of websites. These sites will feed each other traffic, pre-sell affiliate programs, generate adsense revenue, and grow your opt-in e-mail lists.

Without hype or the slightest exaggeration, the internet is the single largest economic gateway the world has ever know. Never before has it been so easy for a person to generate revenue from their own home and attain financial independence. And yes, example like Yahoo. Google and eBay are the superstars of the e-world; the internet still presents anyone with a computer and access to the web the potential to make exponential profit.

Million more surfers are hopping every year adding to the already massive market created by the internet. While risk is associated with any legitimate business opportunity, accurate information helps lower those risks and improve your odds for success.

These are the 4 Step-By-Step Tips

1) The Power Of e-Bay: e-Bay is a crowning success on the internet and proof positive of its astounding potential for profit and opportunity. Of course, there are literally hundreds of detailed books out there promising to help one and all make big profits selling their gently used household items and collectibles.

Sustained and Successful e-Bay Auction Strategies

– Concentrate on niches market

– Writing sales copy for web

– Reinvest consistent percentage of profits

– Build solid reputation

– Market your company and services using sources outside e-Bay

– Diversify

2) Opt-In e-Mail Marketing: Like any proven and effective system or strategy, there will always be the extremes. Essentially, opt-in e-mail marketing is truly the most effective means to receive qualified leads via a precision marketing effort-when done properly. Unfortunately, many marketers have went with the “size matters” approach and built massive lists of names and then deluged them continually with autoresponders that were poorly crafted and targeted to any specific market.

At its very simplest, opt-in email marketing boils down to building a list of people interested in your particular niche-and then developing and nurturing that relationship by sending out e–mails periodically that provide useful information while selling your business

3) affiliate marketing Basics: The premise behind affiliate marketing for those who already have a website is very simple: you sell related but not competing products on your website as an affiliate and in return you receive a commission(which can range all the way up to 75% in some cases but it is more common to see the commission in the 25-50% range).

Clickbank is a very popular site to find affiliate opportunities that can create new revenue streams and boost profits dramatically. The site specializes in e-books and other information products so there is little chance of them directly competing for your sales.

4) Bum Marketing: This is indeed simple in premise but you need to do your homework, be consistent,and simply write informative articles on a topic with marketing potential. Bum marketing is based on the premise that you can ‘Bum” the ranking of the popular websites where you post the articles.

Secure your future now by using internet marketing to explore the opportunities that the world’s largest market place has to offer.

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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Poor as a church mouse?

Got the technological know-how of a cow put out to pasture?

No matter.

There is no reason why you –yes YOU– cannot have a classy fully functioning website up and running in as little as ten minutes.

If you’re just taking your first teetering baby steps towards hosting a website on the internet, there has never been a better time to take advantage of some fantastic free goodies. Despite it still not being wholly reliable, free web hosting has traveled leaps and bounds over the years. It is now more than ever an excellent way to get your feet wet in the world of web design without having to lay any cash on the barrel whatsoever.

Five years ago, free web page hosting was typically provided by services like Geocities which gave you a kind of bare-bones, ad-supported package with no PHP or MySQL support, no FTP accounts, no shopping cart scripts and certainly no means to host your own domain name. Oh yeah and did I mention the butt ugly banner ads?

Back then, the main attraction behind these kind of free web site hosting packages was a non-techie administration panel which provided you with easy site builder wizards, ready made guestbooks, and easy-install feedback forms and web counters. This was basically ‘free web hosting for dummies’. You didn’t have to know squat about hosting a website or even about web design for that matter. All you needed to sign up for a free site was a name and an email address and, presto, you were up and running.

Nowadays, free web page hosting can provide you with a wide array of bells and whistles that typically accompany packages provided by any affordable business web hosting service. This means that if you’re an advanced webmaster, you can now have free web hosting with PHP-MySQL support, FTP accounts, shopping cart scripts, domain name hosting, no ads (no kidding) and, most importantly, script installers like Fantastico or Elefante.

The latter is where it’s really at if you’re not an advanced webmaster and/or you have no web design skills. Using a script installer, you can have a classy WordPress blog up and running in a matter of minutes. And you won’t have to know the first thing about HTML, CSS, PHP or any other nerdlinger web coding language that could potentially take you up to six light years to master (actually HTML isn’t all that hard, but I digress…)

By the way, there is a plethora of free easy-to-install WordPress templates at your disposal. Many of them are really quite beautiful and are suitable to front all kinds of web site ideas.

And of course, if you really want to go all out, you could actually register yourself a domain name (less than $10 a year). Then you can have your domain name hosted by a free web host and launch your classy WordPress blog and NO ONE WILL KNOW you did it all on the cheap because you won’t have one of those free host subdomain URLs or any cheesy banner ads blowing your cover.

So… There go all your excuses.

It’s not rocket science.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg (won’t cost you anything if you use a subdomain).

It won’t look like crap because you’re not a web designer.

So what are you waiting for?

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Blogging Made Simple – How to Create a Blog That Will Have Your Readers Begging For More

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Successful Blogging takes time and patience. Start-up blogs can go weeks or longer without attracting any amount of traffic worth mentioning. Most people give up on Blogging because they put so much effort into designing the blog and populating it with content, but nobody will come to the blog. When it comes to Blogging, giving up is one of the worst things that you can do.

Before you get started with Blogging, ask yourself if you are willing to dedicate some time every single day to grow your blog. If you’re not willing to give it your all, then what’s the point? Blog readers expect value, entertainment, and consistency. If a blogger does nothing but promote affiliate products, then why should people even bother visiting? If a blogger posts erratically, then why should people check back every day for updates?

Determine how often you are going to post to your blog and stick with it. If it’s once every other day, then do your best to stick to that schedule. If it’s twice a day, then stick to it! Train your readers to know what to expect when they land on your blog.

Providing value to your readers is very important. If you have an online marketing blog for example, then your readers will obviously expect tips from you. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. What I mean by that is that if you only have tips on your blog and nothing else, then your blog will become dry. People will like your tips, but what’s to stop them from going to someone else’s blog and getting all their marketing tips from them?

Some bloggers like to mix business with personal stuff in their blogs while others like to keep those things separate. If you don’t want to mention your personal life in your blog, that’s fine. The point of doing so, however, is to increase “stickability” and to build trust in your reader. You could have amazing marketing tips on your blog, but if your blog is boring, then readers won’t be jazzed up to return to your blog first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Find ways of engaging your readers and to make them feel at home at your blog. Encouraging comments is a good start. Once in a while, stir up some discussion or controversy to encourage more participation. For example, if you made a blog post about why PC’s are so much better than Macs, you’d stir up a hornet’s nest.

Get creative when trying to make your blog more fun and interactive. Try running contests and giving out great prizes. Let your readers write guest posts for you in return for some exposure on your blog. Shoot videos of yourself answering questions or talking about stuff.

The possibilities for creativity and monetization on blogs are virtually limitless. Some successful bloggers rarely post on their own blogs and still enjoy a six-figure income from affiliate sales, ad sales, and other types of ad revenue. Imagine having a blog so popular that people ask for the privilege of writing your posts for you and to have people paying you money to display their ads on your blog! With hard work and dedication, you’ll get there.

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Customized Web Designs to Bridge Your Ideas With the World

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

web designing was not a very popular mode during the last few years but nowadays since the technology is growing at a rapid rate and the internet is a common medium that links many households and different services and organizations, therefore websites have grown out to become an efficient medium for not just putting up the content but also for presenting the companies mirror view to the potential clientele or consumers. In fact a lot of organizations are minting hefty profits by going online. Therefore Website designing talks about real business and not just fancy addons.

There is a lot dependent upon the way your website is presented particularly because internet is a global thing and thus requires global standards to match expectations. It is the most productive means to promote your business internationally across different countries apart from your own.

Hence it is important to have an efficient design that can increase site traffic and in turn generate real time revenue and profits. For this reason it is best to hire a professionally inclined web designing firm that can work well according to your requirements. A tailor made design is always user focused, dynamic, informative and easy to reroute. The website should stand as a product of creativity, edge and rationalized balance along with necessary features that include innovational and a high level of interest and participation from the users perspective.

Since your website is a mirror reflection to your organization therefore it should clearly include your company score of ideas, attributes and offering you hold for the benefits of your customers. Website designing not only makes your website user-friendly but also search engine pro-active. This means that your site will experience better prospects to recognition and progress. Your website mouths your organization and therefore it should include catchy graphics, state of art technology, user friendly operations along with other characteristics that pave way for a creative and influential online presence.

Only an expert can analyze your industrial requirement and amend it accordingly to provide you with better and wider business opportunities. It is the unequal display properties of your website that will make you stand out of the crowd in this competitive backdrop. All these inputs will add on to help generate a stronger customer base irrespective of your business size. An experienced web designer will work upon your current promotional and commercial materials and will thus inculcate them into a consistent web design which enhances your industry bearing. So, it is best to get a website designed for your company to create a position in the minds of the clients and other potential business associates.

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How a Good Web Design Can Increase the Time a Visitor Will Stay on Your Website

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Website design is not just about a pretty page, or the fanciest design on the web. It is more so about making sure that integrated into the design is usable functionality and making it really work and draw your customers in deeper with friendly features and not over cramming it. After all everyone that visits could be potential customers or business for you.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be a good looking page but it needs to be useable. It needs to intrigue visitors so the main page should have teasers of what your website has to offer. This will influence a visitor to click through and want to see more without having to go through 5 different pages to find what they want. You need to get across a message without going into masses of detail. It’s a known fact that a person will not read every last bit of text on your site so keep it short and easy to skim through, and try to steer clear of tiny lettering. Bigger is better but obviously not massive.

Navigation is also a major part in web design; a good web designer will know how to create an easy to use navigation system. It works as a guide for visitors and is an easy way of categorising content without having it crammed in a list on one page. Use drop down menus with sub categories and this prevents people having to sit for ages going through a list and will also help people go from one page to the next easily. They also free up more space on your website because once someone isn’t looking at them they are hidden and only drop down when needed. Also your designer should integrate breadcrumbs as a second navigation as this not only helps with seo (Search Engine Optimisation) but makes it easy to go back to a page you where looking at before.

Mix it up a bit, have pictures in with text, it makes all the difference. Even just one picture on a page can make it more likely your content will get read. However keep your pictures clear and of a high quality. A poor quality picture can give of a bad impression of your business, and make you look slightly unprofessional. It may look like you put little effort into your website which people will assume is the same about how you treat customers.

Relevancy is key; keep updates and content current. Adding new content and updating pages regular can gain trust and show that you are active online. This is a benefit for most people because they feel as though they will get fast responses from you.

Discuss with your web designers what ideas you have and what you would like to gain from visitors. A good site should entice customers and visitors to leave something for you, an email or phone number in exchange for say a newsletter.

If you can implement all of this into a good looking website then your site will be near enough perfect, just remember that less is more.

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Superstar Article Marketing Tips

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Writing great articles should consist of the following, information, short, any benefits, directories, and more.

If you are writing an articles, make sure the articles are packed with essential information that is important to the reader. No one wants to read fluff.

articles should be brief, to the point. A basic overview of the idea right up front and quickly state what the reader wants to know. A reader doesn’t want to go online and do tons of reading. If you have a lot to say, put it in an ebook to be downloaded later by the reader.

If your article benefits the reader in any way, state it up front and in the title. Chances are good your article will be read if the reader has an interest.

The best way in capturing a reader is stating any and all benefits.

If you have lists of websites with your articles, then name them in the beginning also. In addition to your lists, make sure you post all of your articles on your website. Credibility begins with articles and if they are written by the media, even better.

An article written by the media has more credibility than an ad in an advertising campaign.

If your articles are being sent out via email, make sure you have an automatic responding setup or you might be answering to a lot of email. No response to a reader looks bad.

Ensuring you are successful with your articles means following a few simple guidelines with your information, being short and to the point, point out benefits, and list all other directories and websites.

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Blogging – How People Are Using This Media to Their Advantage

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Blog is a space on internet where you are allowed to digitally pen down your thoughts, opinions, ideas and anything that you desire people to read. As per the preference of the user blogs have different formats, styles and settings. Built in features like hyperlink, pictures, straight texts etc. are offered by many Blogging sites. Some sites permit to put mp3 and video on your blogs.

Some blogger make use of spoken word entries in their blogs to make it more audio friendly than writing texts. Such Blogging is termed as audio Blogging.

A blog basically consist of these features:
Title – You can label your post with this feature.
Body – This has content of your post.
Trackback – This feature links back other sites to your blog.
Permanent link – Each and every blog will have a URL.
Comments – Readers can leave their comments on your blog.

Since Blogging is made of few templates only, the user has advantage of creating new pages from the fixed settings that each Blogging site offers. This proves to be advantageous for first time bloggers. Without getting into much technicality they can start Blogging straight away.

Any one interested in Blogging has to become member of any blogiing site. Once you enroll as a member of Blogging website you become part of that Blogging community. You can have a look at other members’ bloggers pages. You are allowed to post comment on blogs of other members.

Blogging is not limited to posting personal feelings, comments or opinions. There are blogs based on various themes such as politics, sports, philosophy, religion, etc. This way you are given a platform to share your knowledge and opinions about different themes and topics.

Some bloggers benefit from blogs by the way of advertising. Many business people are using Blogging for their advantage. They promote their businesses through their blogs. This has proved to be very lucrative. Blogging in education has been used by professors to place their lessons on blogs which they have taught and discussed. The students are able to catch up with the missed classes easily.

However the most popular type of blogs are personal journal. Usually used by first timers. They document the day to day struggle of their life, poems, stories, and opinions. They find Blogging to be an excellent medium to express them. Blogging creates a community of people who share their feelings, ideas and comments among each other.

Blogging is popular world wide. No rules are to be followed while Blogging. Bloggers have freedom of expression. The good thing about Blogging is majority of Blogging sites are free of cost.

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How to Make Money Blogging – Simple Steps Anyone Can Do

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

It is extremely easy for anyone at all to get started making money Blogging. There are no restrictions – so, no matter what your age, ability, or qualifications, you can get started today making money Blogging. Most people are easily able to make a small amount of money within just a few days, but others are going even further and making massive amounts of money by just following a few simple steps.

Here are a few strategies that you can use to get started making money with your blog:-

Create Niche Content Blogs

Create a series of blogs with a lot of content, and which focus on specific high-traffic keywords. This type of blog can be monetarized by Google adsense, or other advertising networks. If the content is good and regularly updated, you will get return visitors and soon build a good following for your blog. Depending on the niche, you may be able to use RSS feeds and other automated blog posting methods to reduce the amount of work involved in creating the blogs.

Write Sponsored Blog Posts

Many advertisers will pay to have blog posts made about their products. You can set up many different niche blogs and make posts to them on behalf of these advertisers and get paid for each blog post that you make. You can earn anywhere from $1 to $1000 per blog post, so this can be a very lucrative way to monetarize your blogs.

Write For A Blog Network

This can be one of the easiest ways to earn money from Blogging. You will be paid to make posts to other people’s blogs, and the amount of money you earn will be dependent on the number of page views of your posts. Usually, you will either receive a percentage of the ad revenue of the blog based on the number of page views of the posts you created, or a fixed monthly fee.

Create A Review Blog

Create a review blog where you review similar types of products. Each review will have a link that the reader can click to purchase the product. These links will be affiliate links, and you will be paid a commission or fixed fee each time someone follows the link and purchases a product.

This is just a brief insight into blog monetarization. There is quite a lot more to Blogging than just writing the blog posts. You need to understand how to research the topics to make sure that you are Blogging about a topic that has the potential to make money for you.

Having said that, Blogging can be a simple way to make a living online. Just by spending a few minutes every day making a few posts to your blogs, you can easily build up an online business that provides you with a regular monthly income.

So, if you are ready start making money online, begin by creating a blog today.

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Affiliate Case Study – A Blueprint to $500 This Month With eBay Classified Ads

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Many people like to think of creating an online income and financial freedom with affiliate marketing. While this is certainly possible, you must start small and build your business from the ground up. 95% of affiliates never make enough money to sustain an online business, but I am going to show you how to make $500 your first month of affiliate marketing guaranteed! This is an affiliate case study of someone I know and it worked like a charm.

Step 1: Write 10 articles about a niche clickbank product that are keyword rich with effective titles. The title will ensure that your article gets a lot of clicks while it is being featured in the article directory, and rich keywords will enable these articles to sustain good search engine rankings for months if not years.

Step 2: Find 5 other clickbank products that have nothing to do with making money online and promote them with eBay classified ads. An eBay classified ad only costs $9.95 and runs for 30 days. This is a tremendous value because each ad will probably make you $60-$80 in profits.

If you put these two systems together and send your customers to your affiliate link with the articles and the eBay classified ads then you should see $500 a month, which is proven by this affiliate case study.

My friend Clark used this exact method and the results were as follows:

-5 sales from the product he promoted with articles totaling $133.60, and all of that was straight profit requiring no investment but time.

-Of the 5 different products he promoted with eBay classified ads, he made a total of 13 sales averaging $35.14 per sale totaling $456.82.

Add these numbers together and you have an affiliate marketing case study that made $590.42 in gross sales. The five eBay classified ads cost a total of $49.75. As you can see he made about $10 for every dollar that he spend with eBay classifieds, which is a phenomenal ROI.

Follow this method, and you can have these same types of results.

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Becoming Successful Web Resellers Part 2

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

For any reseller hosting services, there are many such marketing avenues present online and even offline where, through good marketing and advertising campaigns such members can easily become Linux and Windows web resellers and create profitable online businesses in the ever-growing and in-demand field of web hosting services.

The reseller web hosting packages include almost all the necessary web tools and applications that can help the web resellers in major ways. The budget-conscious web reseller can opt for a smaller reseller hosting package that includes sufficient but limited amount space and bandwidth on a server.

There are web resellers who use a Virtual private Server or even a power-packed dedicated web server having almost unlimited web space, bandwidth, and other necessary applications which can help them create variety of quality Web Hosting packages in many different formats and price ranges quite easily. They can also specialize as either Linux web resellers or Windows web resellers and offer specific web hosting plans based on these greatly popular hosting platforms.

Becoming a reseller hosting provider has major advantages compared to any other business of these proportions. These providers can easily get the reseller hosting package tailor-made from their host. The web host also provides all the crucial back-end services and helps the provider in many different ways for some additional fees. Most of the server-related and connectivity-related tasks are taken care by the host’s professional teams working round the clock.

Thus, a reseller hosting provider saves on infrastructure and equipments costs, training costs, and hiring in-house expert web technicians for his reseller hosting business needs. Now, for very little investment, he can begin an online web hosting business which is ever growing and always in-demand globally.

A reseller web hosting provider, thus, can easily create a very profitable and a very affordable online business without needing the very high-cost infrastructure, high-end equipments, and expert teams working round the clock. All a web reseller needs is a scalable reseller hosting account and good marketing skills to create a very profitable online business.

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