Tips on Designing a Fast Loading Web Site

May 13th, 2013

In this rapidly spinning world, it is imperative to not only design a captivating Website, but to also ensure that it loads up with lightening speed. At Slinky web design we believe that not all your visitors could be accessing your Website, while using the latest laptops or PCs connected to hi-speed broadband connections. Here are some useful tips on designing a fast loading Website.

Restrict Graphics, Images And Animations To The Minimum: Even though your Website does not have to be filled with only monotonous text, ensure that you do not go flat out by filling it with graphics, images, animations or video. The right mix of graphics with content is essential in maintaining the optimum speed of your site. Alternatively, enhance your text by using various colors, in order to make it look attractive without compromising on speed or file size. Animations should be avoided, unless absolutely necessary. If possible, shift all your fancy images, videos and animations to another site and offer a highlighted link from your home page.

Incorporate HTML Tables: Tables not only look good on any Web page, but also load quickly. Ensure that you set the width for all the cells in a particular table and that the sum of all the cells in one row tallies with the table width. Make sure that your tables get displayed properly with all the browsers by testing it.

Cut Down On Colors And Resolutions: Your images should use ‘GIF’ or ‘JPEG’ format, since most of the browsers are comfortable with it, even though ‘JPEG’ requires a large number of colors. Limit the number of colors in your image with the color palette, since fewer colors will reduce the image size. Since a large number of visitors might still be using monitors with low to medium resolutions, do not store your images in a very high resolution, unless absolutely necessary. This will only slow down your Website. You should also make sure that the icons on your site are not very large and use minimum, but entrancing colors.

Cut Down On Flash: While there is no doubt that Flash can enhance your Website, it is painfully slow and visitors with slower machines and even slower connections might simply get agitated and move away to another site. In case you do not have any other option, then at least incorporate Flash into an HTML and check its speed before using it on your site.

Test Your Website Speed At Regular Intervals: Test your Website using various machines with varying speeds, browsers, operating systems and Internet connections, in order to find flaws. If you are regularly adding content or changing the images in your Website, then regular speed-testing will be necessary to determine, if your Website has improved or deteriorated after each change. Make sure that your graphics load and run smoothly and that your text does not spill out even under different resolution settings.

Do Not Embark On A Linking Spree: Instead of providing innumerable links to impress your visitors, reduce your links to increase your speed. Your links should offer invaluable information to your visitors and you should also keep an eye out for disabled links by testing your site on a regular basis.

Thus, by paying heed to the above tips, you can easily increase the speed of your Website and your visitors too will enjoy their surfing experience. At Slinky web design we believe that a fast loading Website will naturally have higher traffic and thus increase the chances of converting dormant visitors into active clients.

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Optimizing Your Web Site With Colour

May 12th, 2013

Colour is often overlooked for the business oriented optimizing websites to get better results from the investments. Business through internet will change the sales results by simple changes in the colors. Colour choice should be presented and dictated by others, less obvious goals, while designing or revamping the site. In this present society there are different things are associated with specific concepts and give importance to realize the different colour invoke different emotions.

For example, white it means pure, easy or goodness where purple is associated with royalty. Each colour carries different ideas both positive and negative. By choosing right colour to the website and online media with deliberate care, we can invoke a specific emotional response to increase the sales. Primary colour and secondary are chosen on the bases of the specification of audience and market. If the client has already established brand, then while design we have to bear in mind to make match the colour of the website with the original colour of the company.

Since website visitors have different platforms, monitors and different setting of screen resolutions, colours may not rendered exactly same to all the visitors. That is the reason it is always better to use Web safe colours will have much higher likelihood of look which is exact same regardless of the users computer and settings.

Keep in mind, that sophisistication of technology today allows web designers to stray from web safe colors more. Whether you are design a site for a client it is more important take necessary inputs, color choice is vital. Make a point of using different color, shades and combinations. It’s a lot of fun playing with the colour but choose the colour with deliberate care to get a set of pre defined societal meaning and emotions.

A good creator of the website has to be Careful while choosing the colors. We can’t emphasize enough how important the colors are. Know the mind of the people – what would appeal to them? One most important thing of colour is, it represents emotion and perceptions. Elegant and business-like colors include dark colors such as navy blue and burgundy. Fresh, healthy colors include bright colors such as pale yellows, blues and greens. Loud, high-impact colors include vibrant colors such as red and bright shades of yellow, blue, orange and purple and black. A good design makes the more visitors and gives success in their own business.

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Goal of ECommerce Web Design

May 11th, 2013

Before you start to design a winning website you should have a precise idea about the objectives of your site and what all priorities you have to set because from the past experience it has been seen that lots of ebusinesses, which were launched without any proper goals, failed in establishing themselves.

When you go for designing an e-commerce website you should have certain goals and priorities in your mind. You can ask yourself if you want to make a brand and position your company or if you want your website visitors to call you and visit you physical store. To generate high revenue within short span of time could be another goal. Your goals and priorities can be various.

Unfortunate the fact is that, in most of the ecommerce web design we usually don’t get achieve many of these goals. Or you can rather say that many of them are poorly prioritized or misunderstood as a whole. But making it a customer oriented website can change the whole outlook of your business website. So prioritize this as well.

Three guiding factors for Smart eCommerce

If you want to achieve your goals you should take into consideration of these three factors:

Your target

There should be some uniqueness in your site. Which simply means the benefits, features or services you are offering should be different from what your competitor are giving. This will give you a definitive edge in the competition. Distilling your unique value proposition (USP) and communicating it quickly and clearly on your Website is the first element of profitable ecommerce web design.

You Should Understand Your Target Audience

An essential part of any business is to understand your market, and Online business is no exception here. You should design your web site for your target audience not for yourself. Your website style and content should be reflected in the context of your customers’ immediate needs and desires.

Achieving a Defined Objective

Once you’re satisfied with what you have done till now then its time to communicate your USP to the target audience. You should then concentrate on your sales process. For this you can analyze the mechanism of your sales channels, provide the necessary educational steps and requisite product information. And finally design a Website that optimizes action while eliminating disruption, because ecommerce web site works on “One Second Principle”. According to this principle, on the Internet you have only one second to make a powerful impression, one second to establish your professionalism and start building trust and one second to generate the interest of your target audience. So work accordingly and make it easy for customers to buy from you.

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Web Development – Cleaning House Never Felt So Good

May 10th, 2013

The more things change the more they change. I know you’ve always heard that the more things change the more they stay the same, but it’s just not true in an online world.

It seems that as soon as you learn some new online skill the rules change or morph into something altogether different. I suppose this is why it can be a little intimidating for entrepreneurs wanting to take their stamp of individuality and impress an online world. Do they ever really know if they’re doing things correctly?

Very specific search engine optimization (seo) skills that were talked about in the 1990s would be practically meaningless for someone wanting to make the best use of seo in the 21st century. Why? Things have changed. The role of seo has succumbed to a game of give and take and the playing field is much more balanced as a result.

Imagine if you were one of those business owners that found it easy to rocket to the top of the search engine ranking for your search term. You would be very disappointed to learn that the old rules no longer applied. You not only had to learn the new rules you lost your place in line.

Changes aren’t exclusive to seo. There are changes in web design and development. Marketing has benefited greatly from Real Simple Syndication (RSS). The use of audio and video has become key elements in promotion.

Online users are making it known that they want an interactive experience. The things that may seem boring to visitors today was cutting edge not so long ago. There is always a thirst for more, better and different.

Sometimes a key to improvements might actually be to simplify and declutter. Take some time to honestly review your website. Sure you’ve got a lot of bells and whistles, but which ones are beginning to sound off key?

The truth is you don’t have to replace those items right away. Clean things up and remove the dead weight from your site. Once you strip away the clutter you can roll out new design features in much the same way software makers launch new upgrades. Call it site design 2.0. Make a big deal out of letting visitors know what new tool or upgrade is coming next and when it will be released. Give them a preview by talking about all the reasons why this new update will be beneficial to them.

There are a growing number of websites that appear to be something akin to building a home from scraps and without any plans. Little bits of software are tossed in, program code is put in place while drawing from a secondary source and the feeling visitors leave with is a bit disjointed and that your site lacks quality construction.

By taking a cyber weed whacker to your web site you may be able to see the original path again. This can help you move in a more clearly defined direction and allow you to provide clarity of thought and web design to your business website.

Consider making change for the sake of helping visitors understand your vision more clearly. Cleaning house never felt so good.

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Web Design Company – Colour the Imaginations

May 9th, 2013

Broadly speaking, a webpage consists of two major elements – copy and design. While the copy has to be accurate and engaging, the design needs to be impressive enough to attract visitors. Even before the design work starts, any web design company would first need to make the decision on the appropriate colour strategy to be used.

Most people who are not directly involved in web design tend to think that designers choose colours as per their whims and fancies. This is not at all true. There are a whole lot of concepts that go into selecting the colour scheme for a website.

To start with, even if the copy is well written, yet the choice of the right font can make a significant difference to the readability. The font colour has to be carefully selected to ensure that the copy is readable as well as visually appealing.

The target audience is another factor that affects the choice of colours. A corporate website, for instance, would contain sober and professional looking colours. While a lifestyle website targeted to youth might include jazzy and bright colours.

The colour scheme is most often decided based upon the brand assets of the company. Most good organisations have specific colour codes that they use upon all their communications including brochures, catalogues as well as websites. In such cases, the designers have little choice in deciding upon colours, except for choosing the right combinations. Here again, what matters is the skill and conceptual knowledge of the designer while selecting the right colour combinations that engage the audience.

One important point that must be remembered is that the colours and designs on a website are not mere eye candy. In fact, the communication is complete when copy and design work in tandem to create the right affect. This is indeed an important concept for any web design company.

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Graphic Design For Your Website

May 8th, 2013

Graphic design is a booming industry these days. There are lots of companies that offer this service to both public and private entities. When you are building a website, it is important that you have efficient and unique graphics in order to attract people to your site and keep them there. No matter what the purpose of the site is, good graphic design is one of the most important parts of your site.

Wonderful graphics for any site can be created in a number of ways. You can design them yourself but there are a number of things to keep in mind before starting. All kinds of people would visit your site. Not all of them would have access to a fast connection instead some may use slow dial-up connections. These people would face a difficult time loading your page if it is full of graphics.

It is important to keep the file size of your graphics manageable. Graphics which take more than a few seconds to load on slower connections are not good. Compress your image files and graphics whenever possible. They should have the smallest size and appearance and their overall design should draw people to your site.

If your graphic design skills are limited, it might be in your best interest to hire a company that specializes in this field. A quick internet search for “graphic design” business or company will return numerous results from locations across the world. You can limit your search results to a specific area by including its name with your search terms.

This means that you can choose a company anywhere in the world. Some of the best web design companies are in Atlanta. If you want the best service with great results, then you should consider these businesses. You can contact them over the phone or online.

Graphic design is an essential ingredient of a good website. Good graphics will draw people to your site and keep them there. This is precisely what you want to happen, particularly when you’re selling a product or service. The longer someone stays on your site, the more apt they are to buy something. Attractive graphics are critical to your website’s success.

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Stimulate Your Thinking And Get Your Business On The Web

May 7th, 2013

Thinking about building a website? You need to understand what’s involved in putting your business on the web? Here is a list of questions to stimulate your thinking when trying to design a website in your mind.

Domain name registration

How will you secure and define your personal and or business website name?

o Do you have an idea of what name you want for your web site?

o Do you need help deciding what is still available or can become available?

Web Site Hosting

Where and with whom will you host your web site business?

o Will you use your own computer?

o Will you use the services of your current email or ISP provider?

o Do you need all the bells and whistles you see on the web today?

web design

What look and feel do you need for your customers?

o Have you thought about how your current business will be reflected on the web?

o Do you have a set of colors already?

o What navigation themes have you come across already, that you want on your web site?

o What are the absolute must have requirements for your business type?

o Will it be used internationally?


How will your customers find you?

o What is your website marketing strategy?

o How will you get your site recognized by the internet community?

o Have you thought through the Search engine registration process?

o Do you understand how to increase your Search engine ranking?


How will you communicate with your customers?

o Will you host your personal email on this web site?

o Have you thought through how many email addresses you need?

o Will you use Web Collaboration tools to communicate with customers?

Making Money

How will you make money online?

o Have you thought about the many monetization strategies for your website?

o Will your site be used as an ecommerce site?

o Are there affiliate programs relevant to your goals?

o Will you have a budget for paid Ads?

Website Types

Do you know how to create a website?

o Have you decided which type of website works best for your business model?

o Do you want a BLOG, an HTML website or both?

o Have you decided if you want one website or many websites?

It use t be simple, get an idea, find a developer or buy a software package and build a website. Then like the baseball saying you believe you built it so of course they will come see it.

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So, You Want To Design Your Own Website?

May 6th, 2013

There are many computer savvy people who get sold on tackling the job of designing their own website. They may know how to get around their favorite word processor program easily, however, html maybe a different story. The forums and help websites are loaded with requests for help or questions regarding various problems they encounter. In the meantime, the website design is delayed till the problems are resolved or seek a professional web designer.

I have had to fix more than a few websites, to salvage what the owner had done, to enable it to function. Sometimes they are not major items and some times the errors actually create such malfunctions the site is useless. I ask those clients what possessed them to embark on creating their own website. The usual answer is they were encouraged by myriads of program sellers or web hosts who offer easy website design programs. I am not knocking down such programs but they make it sound so easy to use most people are tempted to try it. In general they hit a deadened or a complex problem then they seek help but only after a long period of time. One of my clients had so many errors, the links didn’t work properly, and there were black lines and squares in the middle of the page that had a red background. One, I counted, had 34 tables in a page not one larger than 400×100 pixels which is the reason he had so much trouble trying to make the page behave, the tables kept moving around on him.

Generally the reason for one to begin creating one’s own website is because they have been lead to believe they can and its easy to do. Well, isn’t as easy as hooking up the VCR?! After all the advertisement said anyone could do it!

Of course there is the design, colors, buttons, navigation, page transition, maybe a video or sound placement may not be too complex to choose. Making them work in a page flawlessly is another thing. The technical challenges are many and sometimes one has to be persistent and have a dogged attitude but when frustration sets in and problems don’t seem to have solutions, its time to call in an expert. I say don’t even start; let the experts do it all. It’s a lot less costly in the long run.

Most people who try their hand in this endeavor are business people, start up companies with small budgets who believe they can save some money and when a business is just starting, money can be in short supply so who could blame them for trying. As a result of trying to run a business, generating sales, stocking a product line and many other functions that has to be done, the design of the website takes a back seat and most often they can devote little time to it. Then when problems arise, it’s even worse to find motivation to pursue it and make it all work. So I ask you why even start? You’ve got enough to be concerned with starting a business or running it, your market and your completion. Why add to it? I say let the experts do the website and you tend to your business to grow it.

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Designing Internet Marketing Websites to Increase Your Web Presence

May 5th, 2013

There are so many different factors that can affect your Internet business that it is difficult to name them all. Most of what you do, as I’m sure you’re well aware, has to do with various marketing techniques and generating traffic to your website. Have you looked at your stats, however, using tools like Google Analytics and realized that the majority of the people who are visiting your website leave moments after they arrive? This has a lot to do with your website design and its inability to pull people further into your website.

In order to design an Internet marketing website that will pull in the traffic and keep them on your pages, you need to have something that will grab their attention. Almost anybody, nowadays, can build a website because of the tools that are available. Unfortunately, most of these websites are very unprofessional looking and that can kill your sales, especially if your website is screaming, “amateur.” If you feel that your website’s design could use a little bit of work but you are unable to take care of it yourself, there are plenty of website and graphic design services that will be able to take care of it for you.

Most people who are just starting out on the Internet are a little concerned over some of the high prices that they’ve seen for these design services. Most high ticket professional design firms charge as high as $5000 or more per single web design. The fact of the matter is, there are some who will do an excellent job for you and charge less than $200. For that kind of a price and savings, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to have a professional looking website and the chance to earn money with it for decades to come.

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Choosing a Web Development Firm – What You Need to Know

May 4th, 2013

Start with collecting a list of design firms by searching online and asking friends for referrals. Theoretically you could locate any web development firm in the world to produce your website, however there are some advantages to choosing a local firm, especially if you are less experienced with the process. You will have the benefit of meeting and discussing ideas face-to-face, and if you require other services such as photography and video production, you have the option of doing everything ‘under the same roof.’

Once you have generated a list of web design firms, narrow your options down to the best 3 – 5 firms you feel suit your requirements by doing a little more research. First, check out each design firm’s portfolio for consistent quality in the projects they have produced. Have they provided solutions for other companies in your industry? By examining their portfolio, you should be able to grasp a better understanding of styles and variety that they will be able to offer. What technical applications will your website require? Check out if the design firm has provided solutions to the challenges you are facing. Do they provide ecommerce solutions? Do they offer hosting?

Determine what other products / services the company can offer for your future covenience. Does the design firm offer printing solutions that will enable them to deliver your print needs from concept to completion? Do they offer e-mail marketing software for email marketing campaigns? Photography, video

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